HADR 30.5. weekly build update

Im late i know, sorry, there was a lot happening this week so I had to move the new build from friday to saturday. Anyway.


Added a new level in attic. Cages, obvious exit thats closing as you go through the level and three cloths. 

Still slightly WIP but here it is!

Ive also rewritten the short story a bit so it fits with the coresponding levels nicely. Next week i will hopefuly do last pass on the writing style and all.

You can read the whole thing on my documentation Notion page here: https://www.notion.so/Story-7398a42912444b10bdf68b130c84f1a9 

Restart and next level debug buttons are now handled better. In previous version you just had to tap the button which some people did by accidet. Now you have to hold these buttons, it shows the text about whats happening and blurs the screen.

Get the latest build directly here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ssdx3CWWWcRr8XfST5ePhVv1PYV11O7u/view?usp=shari...


Theres also this! https://www.instagram.com/hadr_game/

I try to put atleast 3 new screens/videos every week.


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