HADR 22.5. weekly build update


this weeks update brings a bunch of new stuff.

Most importantly, new room! its not really a room tho, its outside and all. The camera in this room is static and moves between 3 defined points instead of following the cloth at all times.

Try it out right here, just pick the most recent build (22_05): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13QVR-umgvQSQ6KX6EiaoUw9s3fxvM2Bn?usp=sha...

The room is pretty simple, there are two puzzle-ish things with hopefuly very understandable visual hints. I might add a third one (to the bottom) which would be a sandbox (as in children playing in a literal box filled with sand). But im not sure how to go about it right now.


ive updated the bathroom level so its more obvious where to go, plus there is water now in the tub at the very beginning. So if the player is curious they can "fail" the level at the very start.


ive finally found the bug that sometimes wouldnt let you switch cloths with the first tap of the button. I think that has been in the game for over a year. I hope it wont cause problems somewhere else.

There is now more room in all levels. Ive done a quick pass on the "invisible walls" constraints throughout the game. What might happen that some stuff thats not supposed to be seen can be seen.. eh. Let me know if you find something like that.


Theres also this! https://www.instagram.com/hadr_game/

I try to put atleast 3 new screens every week, the ones here are a bit outdated (sorry), ill try to make new ones next week.


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