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Finger Hell is It is a puzzle / board / "try and fail for hours" game with multitouch controls. The only challenge to overcome in the game are your sloppy fingers. It features 72 handcrafted levels that will test agility of your fingers as well as your temper. It's fun for adults as well as kids. You can play it on your own or with a bunch of friends over a beer.

The task in every level is the same, drag all the dots with your finger to end of their path at the same time. There are many ways to finish any level, sometimes as simple as using a single finger, sometimes rotating you tablet around while holding 5 fingers on screen tangled into each each other. And if you get really stuck and feel like you don't have enough fingers, you can ask a friend for a hand, literally!

Finger Hell was made for iPad in 2014 and has hit over 50 000 downloads without a single cent on promotion. It is currently not available for download.


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