A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Changer is a stealth game. You play as an agent slowly losing his mind, forgetting who he is, becoming a killing machine.

Made for Ludum Dare 33 theme "You are the monster"


Made from scratch in 2 day with only few algorithm from my past projects (none over 100 lines). Tools: Unity, Blender for models, Ableton Live for recording and effects.

LD jam results:

Scored 15th place in "Fun" category and 46th place "Overall"


"Fantastic little game with fun mechanics and some good storytelling. I enjoyed it thoroughly."

"Very creative and visually pleasing game. I like the mix of stealth and puzzle, would be cool for you to expand it."

"One of the best I have tried. Simple and very fun!"

"This is so good! Finished it, very simple idea, not a new one, but execution is solid! Love the exploding blocks and the many many fuckups because I rushed too fast. Really well done, puzzle games are hard to design, very good job!"


changerOS.app.zip 32 MB
changerWin32.zip 19 MB
changerWin64.zip 21 MB

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